Increasingly, state governments in Australia are recognising the valuable work that pharmacists do as part of a patient’s healthcare team, while also recognising the need to improve patient access to primary care, especially in rural and regional areas, where patients are waiting 3 weeks or more* to see a General Practitioner (GP).

Authorising pharmacists to work to their full scope of practice, meaning that they are able to treat some of the common everyday type of conditions– like school sores (impetigo), mild acne, runny nose (rhinitis) and shingles–helps ensure that patients are able to receive treatment in a timely manner. Pilots like the ones announced in North Queensland and New South Wales offer patients another choice for their healthcare needs–one that is convenient and timely.

Better outcomes for everyone

We understand you may have questions about what a pharmacist practising to full scope means for you and your family. We have developed a range of materials, including Q&A and Myths versus Facts sections, to address questions and concerns, to share feedback, and show why pharmacists are passionate about delivering better healthcare to their patients.

*@Insightfully. September 2022